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    • Mortgage Rates Not Panicking Yet, But That Could Always Change June 4, 2020
      Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchMortgage rates are directly tied to the bond market. This isn't too much of a surprise considering pretty much anything with an interest rate can be traced back to the bond market. Mortgages are especially relevant though, considering they comprise a very large dollar amount of the debt that's bought and […]
    • MBS RECAP: Big Risks Ahead For Rates and Some Solid Opporunities Right Now June 4, 2020
      Posted To: MBS CommentaryBig Risks Ahead For Rates and Some Solid Opporunities Right Now Treasury yields broke one important ceiling yesterday (.74%) and another today at .79% before finding support at .823%. This leaves them at the highest levels since late March and in danger of moving higher. Mortgage rates have been outperforming, but they're […]
    • Pandemic's Disproportionate Effects on Housing Supply, Affordability June 4, 2020
      Posted To: MND NewsWireThe Urban Institute says that homes categorized as low priced, that is in the bottom 20 percent of the distribution, appreciated 126 percent between the turn of the century and the end of 2019. During that same 20-year period, those in the top 20 percent of the price distribution increased only 87 […]
    • Broker, Doc Products; Customer Experience Study; Correspondent Changes June 4, 2020
      Posted To: Pipeline PressYesterday afternoon my cat Myrtle was watching me mop the kitchen floor. (Hey, it’s not going to mop itself, right? And it is mildly amusing to use certain products – insert slogan contest here for 4 th grade humor.) While toiling, besides thinking about how much of a raise I am going […]
    • MBS Day Ahead: Another Chance to Defend The Range June 4, 2020
      Posted To: MBS CommentaryYesterday's econ data caused a stir in the bond market, forcing yields to break above a key ceiling at .74%. Can they make it back below that ceiling today or will things go from bad to worse with a break of the next important ceiling at .79%? The following chart shows the […]
    • MBS RECAP: Bonds Suddenly Wondering if They've Been Too Gloomy on The Economy June 3, 2020
      Posted To: MBS CommentaryEcon Data Causing Bonds to Reconsider Commitment to Super Low Yields Bonds haven't been interested in econ data because none of it has had the ability to tell much of a story. Today's ADP Employment report is arguably an exception as it was staggeringly stronger than expected. Other data surprised to the […]

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