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    • MBS RECAP: Forget the ECB; Taxes Saved Bonds Today April 22, 2021
      Posted To: MBS CommentaryForget the ECB; Taxes Saved Bonds Today First off, bonds didn't really need "saving." They were only modestly weaker to start the day and didn't lose too much more ground from there. The first rally arrived after ECB Pres Lagarde finished her press conference, but it didn't last long. Yields were at […]
    • Most Builders Locking in Lumber Prices or Passing Increases Through April 22, 2021
      Posted To: MND NewsWireFor months, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has been citing lumber prices as one of the headwinds faced by new home builders as they try to pick up the pace of construction. Those prices nearly doubled over a four-month period in 2020, reaching an all-time high in September. Since then, […]
    • March Delinquency Drop Probably Exaggerated by Events April 22, 2021
      Posted To: MND NewsWireBlack Knight's "first look" at loan performance data in March brought back memories of an old TV ad, "Is it real or is it Memorex?" The company said that mortgage delinquencies were down during the month by a whopping 16.4 percent. The company is quick to note that the apparent improvement is […]
    • Corresp., MLO, Ops Jobs; Retention, Servicing, Construction-to-Perm Products; Fraud Report; CFPB, Compliance, and Legal Shifts April 22, 2021
      Posted To: Pipeline PressNot you, of course, but many other people in our biz are elderly. Sure you haven’t seen them in person in a year, but they’re there. Or they have elderly parents. Heck, is “elderly” a bad word now? Seriously, I hope everyone reading this has a long and fruitful life, and when […]
    • MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Happy With European Central Bank Stance April 22, 2021
      Posted To: MBS CommentaryToday's only real significant market mover is/was the ECB Announcement and press conference. They weren't expected to change policy, but markets were curious to get ECB Pres Lagarde's take on bond buying. In short, the bank remains strongly committed to the original pace of asset purchases. When Lagarde finished the press conference […]
    • Mortgage Rates Match 7-Week Lows April 21, 2021
      Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchLast Thursday was the best day for mortgage rates in more than a month, and while they bounced back up on Thursday afternoon, they've been falling modestly since then. Yesterday got us close to last Thursday's lows. Today helped us match them. That means today's rates are the lowest in exactly […]

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