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    • MBS RECAP: Bonds Surge to Weakest Levels since 2014 April 20, 2018
      Posted To: MBS Commentary10yr yields hit the highest levels in more than 4 years this afternoon as bigger-picture selling pressure looks to be taking the reigns back from the Springtime consolidation that helped rates hold steady-to-slightly lower in March. There are no big, obvious reasons for the sudden spike in rates. We're left to cobble […]
    • Mortgage Rates Quickly Approaching 4-Year Highs April 20, 2018
      Posted To: Mortgage Rate WatchLet's clear one thing up before we begin. Freddie Mac, MBA, and Ellie Mae all noted new 4-year highs in mortgage rates this week. They are all technically wrong. This has to do with the way their data is collected and/or averaged. And while I have no doubt that they are […]
    • Wells Fargo to Face Largest Fine Yet April 20, 2018
      Posted To: MND NewsWireOnce again Wells Fargo is about to pay dearly for its inability to walk the straight and narrow. The Washington Post , under the byline of Renae Merle, is reporting that the bank is about to be hit with the largest penalty of the Trump administration , perhaps as early as today. […]
    • MBS Day Ahead: If Rates Keep Moving Higher, It Could Still Be a Head Fake April 20, 2018
      Posted To: MBS CommentaryRates are in the midst of a serious, threatening move higher. Yesterday brought additional confirmation of the end of the friendly Springtime consolidation trend and it took us one step closer to the highest yields in more than 4 years. The specific reasons for yesterday's weakness were covered in the MBS Live […]
    • MBA's Compliance Accreditation; Freddie and Fannie Changes Continue April 20, 2018
      Posted To: Pipeline PressDid you know that Wells Fargo gives more assistance and aid to people and communities through its Foundation than any other company in the United States. For example, “the Wells Fargo NeighborhoodLIFT program looks to the future by delivering down payment assistance and financial education to homebuyers.” If only people focused on […]
    • MBS RECAP: Bonds Add Exclamation Point to Yesterday's Breakout April 19, 2018
      Posted To: MBS CommentaryThe break outside what we'll call the "Springtime Consolidation" for bonds started taking shape as early as last week. On Thursday and Friday, yields hugged the upper boundaries of that trend, simultaneously shying away from the sort of positive bounce that would typically suggest the trend's continuation. No matter! Perhaps they just […]

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